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About Us

Artsage - For Art's Sake

We want to bring about a sense of creativity & learning in folk, tribal, classical and contemporary artists in India. Our aim is to address the need of conserving the rich heritage and bridging the gap between local artists and art enthusiasts.


Introduction to Artsage Gifting

A Kaleidoscope of lndian Artistry

Welcome to Artsage, where we embark on a journey to ignite the flames of creativity and knowledge among artists from diverse realms - folk, tribal, classical, and contemporary - all across India. Our mission is to nurture the timeless art forms of this land, bridging the chasm between local artisans and passionate art aficionados. India's indigenous art is a kaleidoscope of colors, styles, and stories, as rich and diverse as the nation itself. It is an embodiment of vibrancy and exquisite craftsmanship. Our dedication to Indian art is woven into every piece we create and curate. From the primal allure of Warli to the sacred elegance of Pichwai, each artwork is a tribute to the splendor of nature, the earth, and its inhabitants. With Artsage, you're invited to embark on a captivating journey through the enchanting world of Indian art. We celebrate not only the art forms themselves but also the incredible artisans who breathe life into them. In the realm of corporate gifting, Artsage offers you a unique opportunity to convey your appreciation with the essence of India. Our exclusive collection consists of 100% handmade treasures, encomnpassing a diverse array of folk, tribal, and classical art forms. When you choose Artsage for corporate gifting, you are not just presenting a gift; you are sharing a piece of India's soul, a testament to its enduring heritage, and an embodiment of creativity. Elevate your corporate gifting with Artsage and make a statement that transcends borders and resonates with the spirit of India. Celebrate the art, the artists, and the remarkable journey of creation with Artsage.



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